Young Republicans Questionnaire

Greetings to my readers! It’s been a while, but I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, plus I promised you all something interesting for this post. Behold! In an attempt to pin down just why liberalism is so widespread, & conservatives are so timid these days, I’ve formulated a questionnaire to get to the bottom of young voters’ feelings on the current political state.

If you are between the ages of 18 & 40 years old, I encourage you to fill out this survey, & return it to to contribute to the COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL results that will be tabulated in my next post. If you’d like, you may also send an e-mail requesting the original Microsoft Word document, if you’d find that easier to fill out.

The following is a series of questions regarding your thoughts and opinions on various aspects of YOUR political ideology. Please answer honestly and openly (questionnaire is confidential).

1. Please clearly write or type your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format: __________________________

2. On your voter registration card, what is your political affiliation marked as?
o Democrat
o Independent
o Republican
o Other ___________________________________

3. When you first registered to vote, did you automatically register the party of your parents?
o Yes
o No

4. When you first registered to vote, was there pressure (from family, peers, etc.) towards a specific affiliation?
o Yes
o No

5. Are you open about your affiliation?
o Yes
o No

6. How have the last 2-3 elections affected your openness about your political affiliation?
o Greatly affected; I don’t reveal my party at all to strangers, peers, etc.
o Somewhat affected; I don’t reveal my party as much to strangers/peers
o Not affected at all; I have not changed my habits
o Somewhat affected; I’m a bit more outspoken about my party ideology to friends, peers, etc.
o Greatly affected; I am very outspoken in defense of my party to friends, peers, and strangers

7. If applicable, check any of the following boxes for reasons why you don’t reveal your ideology as much.
□ I’m afraid of being turned down for a job by an employer with a different ideology from mine
□ I’m afraid of losing/alienating friends/business associates
□ My ideology is opposite of/very different from my parents’
□ My ideology is opposite of/very different from my significant other
□ I live in a community/neighborhood/building where my ideology is not the dominant majority
□ I don’t want my children/younger siblings/ etc. to be alienated or bullied for my beliefs
□ I am worried about retaliation on social media sites, blogs, and other websites I frequent
□ The dominant ideologies of my church/faith/beliefs are at odds with my political ideology
□ Other: ______________________________________________________________________

8. When with friends, colleagues, etc., if the conversation turns to political views that you do NOT hold, do you:
o Agree enthusiastically, even if it means lying
o Agree briefly to avoid making waves
o Ask to change to a different, non-political topic of discussion/Change the subject
o Disagree, politely, then drop it
o Disagree, vehemently, and continue to argue your viewpoint

9. If you don’t reveal your ideology openly, is it because you feel that you cannot adequately defend your position?
o Yes
o No
o N/A
The next section deals with your opinions of and feelings towards the Republican Party; if you are not a registered Republican, you may optionally skip this section.

10. How would you describe the general public’s view of the Republican Party, in terms of age, gender, income bracket, and education level?

11. How would you describe the your personal, observed view of the Republican Party, in terms of age, gender, income bracket, and education level?

12. Do you feel that you are a typical representative of the party? Or are you an outlier?
o Typical
o Outlier

13. How involved are you with the Republican Party? (Joining groups, organizations, collecting signatures, participating in campaigns/fundraisers, etc.)
o Very involved
o Somewhat involved
o Occasionally involved
o Rarely involved
o Not involved at all

14. Please list examples of what activities you have been involved in.

15. Do you feel that you are alienated from the Republican Party, either due to your beliefs, your age, or some other factor (such as the party not directly targeting your demographic, or openly disparaging it)?
o Yes, I feel like they don’t consider me a true Republican
o Yes, they’re a little out of touch with my generation
o Neutral/No opinion
o No, I think they have a few communication issues, but otherwise I feel included
o No, I feel as though I am fully a part of the GOP

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire!