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“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.”

First inaugural post of my blog – always good to start with some sharp wit, even if it is borrowed. ;^)

“Politicians ar…

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  1. Brandon ⋅

    I say the trouble is defending political parties period. Naturally, the philosophies between the Democrats and the Republicans differ. I’m not making the stance that they are the same (although, admittedly, the end results of their actions frequently end up being the same: less freedom and more tyranny). They each have a systematic approach to expanding the state (the state being, as Rothbard stated, an “institution which possesses one or both (almost always both) of the following properties: (1) it acquires its income by the physical coercion known as ‘taxation’; and (2) it asserts and usually obtains a coerced monopoly of the provision of defense service (police and courts) over a given territorial area.”

    I say that liberty ought to be the impetus for social movements; not political parties; not one person over another; not even less tyranny vs. more tyranny. Liberty was the focus of the Founders, and the liberty movement, although growing, is minimal, and this is sad. The Democrats pushed American socialized medicine, and we would not legally have it without help from the Republicans. The Republicans pushed the National Defense Authorization Act, and we would not legally have it without help from the Democrats. This two party system has strayed from America’s founding in a number of ways, but all roads have led to straying from liberty. The Republicans stemmed from the Federalist Party (though not directly), which has its roots in central government and indivisibility (the opposite of state sovereignty and individuality). The Democrats in the early 19th Century were closer to being conservatives than today’s conservatives. After the War Between the States, the Democrat and Republican Parties both became geared towards central government more than ever, with Lincoln being Mr. Central Government and anti-state sovereignty and eventually FDR being Mr. New Deal.

    You speak of a generation that has not experienced a calamity or had to deal with a true struggle, and you’re correct. Our generation and those younger are lost. Unfortunately, parenting have been replaced with government subsidy. America has been lost since the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were destroyed except for a brief period when Jackson balanced the budget (with a $440,000 surplus) after ending the central bank. Lincoln was the first president to balloon the debt in the billions, with Wilson and FDR following…and every president after them increasing the national debt.

    What will fix this? A consistent weaning of individuals from socialism to capitalism: hence, from government-owned and run industry to privately owned property and voluntary interaction. Individuality over indivisibility: this is the message of liberty.

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